My name is Erika but you will often see me go by Anaiis. I'm a graduate student majoring in Museum Studies and soon will be attending somebody's school for Egyptology. I am Afrocentric, a natural sista, a positive indivdual, etc. I love NeoSoul and R&B music, African and African American Art and Culture, etc. Also just in case you are wondering, I refer to myself as THE GODDESS because I believe I am a DIVINE individual and carry myself as such. We are all Gods and Goddesses in our own right. I hope my first blog can be entertaining, insightful, helpful, and encouraging to the masses...Anyway, enjoy

Missing home. Roanoke, Virginia

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As you’re finishing up tasks like the boss you are, make sure you stop each time and congratulate yourself. Verbally affirm your achievement. So often we move from one to so list item to the next, without recognizing the time and effort it took to get there! You’re working hard! I’m proud of ya! Are you proud of yourself??

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Exactly what i thought when I saw him trending on twitter.

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Justice Dept Refuses For 20 Years To Comply With Federal Law Requiring It To Gather National Police Brutality Stats

For the last 20 years, since 1994, Violent Crime Control & Law Enforcement Act obligates the Department of Justice to collect statistics on the extent of brutality and excessive force used by police officers, and to make those findings available to the public.

20 years down the road no such stats exist, because the Justice Departments of the Clinton, the Bush and the Obama administrations have all simply ignored the law and refuse even to try to gather the information.

Barack Obama and his Justice Department are no more interested in justice than the administrations of ten presidents before him, and uncritical black and brown support has made this president less accountable to black and brown people than any in living memory.

Since the government doesn’t give a shit, here’s some good info. to check out:

  • Read how Black people are killed by U.S. law enforcement every 28 hours
  • Read all the names of those killed by police from the banner in the image above
  • Read about the Stolen Lives Project which documents a national list of people killed by police since 1990

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if you think black women wearing their hair natural is unprofessional you are racist.

if a white woman worked in a store with hair she hadnt brushed and called it her “natural” hair it would still be unprofessional.


A black woman’s natural hair is of the same quality as a white woman’s unkempt hair.


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This shirt tho.

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it understood there was water in there…and exactly how to get the water out….it just couldn’t do it alone…hot damn they are fucking smart

This crow would have grown up in that area, watching people with bottles. It would have observed them opening the cap, and the water flowing out. Crows are incredibly intelligent, and this further proves the fact that it connected that without that lid water would be available.

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I fall in love too fast.
My heart, like a child, likes to
open gifts too soon.
I blame your smile;
the way you make me feel
like gold.

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Female puppet, Ibibio, Nigeria. Female puppet rising from long strong legs, dressed with a broad belt, protruding navel, sloping shoulders

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